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    Norfolk VA Beach Engagement Session | Dzhuliyana & Tim

    Dzhuliyana & Tim’s Norfolk VA Beach Engagement Session was so much fun! We met up early in the morning to catch some of the awakening sky and lucky for us, the sky was beautiful that day. With Hampton Roads unpredictable weather, you never know what you will get on a specific day. The good news is that with communication, my couples and I always make the best of it. I love photographing at East Beach in Norfolk. It is accessible with a great parking area. It also has plenty of little spots to photograph within the neighborhood. There is always a new favorite spot to discover as long as you…

  • Downtown Norfolk Engagement
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    Ghent Engagement Session | Kaylee & BJ

    This Ghent Engagement session, like others in Downtown, is one of my favorites! I love Downtown Norfolk because my couples and I get to walk the area, talk and joke around, all while getting the right variety of photos. As it is good to start my couples with some basic instructions and see what they do with those, the more area to discover, the better. This gives you time to get lose and enjoy yourself. Besides, I don’t want to tell my couples who to be! I’d like them to be themselves and see themselves throughout the gallery. Now, a Ghent Engagement Session comes with beautiful trees in the neighborhood,…

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    Town Center Engagement | Julea & Josh

        A Sunrise Town Center Engagement Session I like to sleep. I won’t lie! So when Julea and Josh decided to have their Town Center Engagement Session during sunrise, I was less than thrilled. Waking up at 5 am in the morning for a session, is not my idea of fun. haha But, once I arrived and saw the view and the sunshine; I was sold! Julea and Josh live in the Westin Building and have access to the top so it was surely an experience to photograph on such a small balcony with the sunrise peaking.  Town Center can get quite crowded so going in so early in…

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    Downtown Norfolk | Ashley & Kelley

    Kelly & Ashley Joyful Engagement Session in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia.  A Pagoda Garden Engagement Session in Downtown Norfolk​ When you get proposed by the Koi pond of the Pagoda garden, what better way to celebrate your engagement than to have photos there!  I often photograph couples in this area and always find new ways to tell their story. I’ve even had couples that their session on the same spot years apart! It is always challenging and fun to get new angles to try. Besides the new Hummingbird Macaroons Bakery is right in the center of all, so why not spend more and more time in the garden! Very unrelated, but…

  • Fort Monroe Silhouette
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    Stormy Fort Monroe Engagement | Stephenie & Rob

    Who wants to have a stormy Fort Monroe Engagement Session? Well, when you have, you have to! I am so blessed with the couples who pick me as their photographer. Some I get to experience their journey to the aisle from the beginning, while others I get to photograph only parts of their journey. No couple is less than the other as both types give me the experience to feel creative and alive. Stephanie and Rob wanted to celebrate their future out of state wedding with a stormy Fort Monroe Engagement Session. I was honored! But worried. The forecast was not promising and we already had rescheduled once before. Since…

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    VB Oceanfront Engagement | Casey & AJ

    Casey & AJ I’ve been having some great VB Oceanfront Engagement sessions lately! When I met Casey and AJ and learned they are first responders my thought went straight to their kids. I don’t know why! I imagined their children all proud and boasting about their parents and the community service they do every day. See, Casey is a police officer while AJ is a fireman. What a hot combination! They are incredibly giving towards each other and yet honest and complete. Their love for their family, friends and the community is palpable. Mix that with their love for their two pups, the open ocean and all things nautical and…

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    Chesapeake Arboretum Engagement | Bailey & Tyler

    Bailey & Tyler will be getting married at the Traditions Catering’s Chesapeake Golf Club location on Sunday! As a preferred vendor I always enjoy seeing my couples getting married there. The reception room is beautiful and spacious and the food, let’s say I never say no to it. The soon to be Mr & Mrs had their engagement session in November but we all know blogging is a chore to me and I have to do with a lot of espresso and loads of sugar in my coffee. I feel you should enjoy some of these beautiful pictures from their couple’s session before you get to see their wedding day…

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    Munden Point Park Engagement | Kaitlyn and Joe

    Munden Point Park Engagement Kaitlyn and Joe   This Munden Point Park Engagement is all about Microbiology and what a romantic subject is. Love is everywhere, just like microbiology! Ok, I am kidding. It is about Kaitlyn and Joe who met in Microbiology class. They study buddy together and after that first test, they had their first date. You can say that love is “bios”. Yes, I may indeed pun my way into this blog post and I have no shame. By the way, “bios” means life. *Insert smart smile here* Since then, they’ve watched the sunset on a Washington DC rooftop, have been each other’s career and life supporters and…

  • Pagoda Norfolk Engagement Session
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    Pagoda Norfolk Engagement | Katie and Chris

    Pagoda Norfolk Engagement Katie and Chris Katie and Chris are getting married! They were the winners of my Engagement Session Giveaway and I am so happy they won! They are naturals in front of each other and the camera. We did the Pagoda during one of the crazies times of the year in Norfolk. Do you know that little festival they do called Harborfest? Yep, we are brave like that. Fortunately, it wasn’t that crazy in our area and I got to create a lovely Harbofest image my way. There is a lot of smooching coming, so brave yourselves.  Can I say the main image is one of my favorites from…

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    Norfolk Waterside Engagement Session | Michelle & Keith

    Waterside Engagement Session Michelle & Keith   Michelle & Keith are getting married!  I can tell you they are indeed two sweet souls. They’ve found in each other an enduring love. One with support and understanding. Keith is a true gentleman as he caters to Michelle and she reciprocates with love and smiles.  I love to hear how my couples meet, so of course, I always ask. I will shortly tell you their story, one that reminds you that when someone is for you, well, they’ll answer your message.  How they met One fateful day, Keith was scrolling through his friend list online and eventually stumbled on Michelle’s beauty. He took…

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    Rudee Inlet Engagement | Ingrid & Juan

      Rudee Inlet Engagement Session Ingrid & Juan This Rudee Inlet Engagement was out of the norm. There were guinea pigs and if you know me, you’ll know I love guinea pigs! I was so excited when Ingrid mentioned wanting to integrate these two adorable Cavia porcellus. They were so good! Even with the moody weather. When we arrived to Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, it was hot. That is, extremely hot. Then, all of the sudden,  a cold wind came out of nowhere freezing us all. It stayed like that for quite some time during Ingrid and Juan’s engagement session, but you wouldn’t know because they rocked it.  Ingrid and Juan…

  • Neon District Norfolk Engagement Session
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    Neon District Norfolk Engagement | Aqueela and FJ

    Downtown Norfolk – Neon District Engagement Session Aqueelah and Fagbemi   This Neon District Norfolk Engagement session was perfection! So, get ready because here is one of my February Neon District Giveaway winners! Aqueelah and Fagbemi won a mini Engagement session and although cold, we had a blast! They are incredibly sweet to one another and are one of those couples who can look in each other’s eyes and say everything they need to say. Thank you so much Aqueelah and FJ for bearing the cold with me and searching the light.  

  • Romantic Fort Monroe Engagement Session by Daissy Torres Photography
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    Fort Monroe Engagement | Heather and Ryan

    Fort Monroe Engagement Heather and Ryan   You will love the cozy feeling in this Fort Monroe Engagement Session! Who cares that is cold when you have couples like Heather and Ryan. When you ask a bride and a groom how their first date went and the answer is “awkward”, as a photographer you get nervous and wonder how their engagement session will go. Once I saw how Ryan and Heather are together, I just fell in love. They laugh out loud, they love and hold on each other, and they are super fun. Heather and Ryan have build a beautiful life together were their son is their world and…

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    Hampton Engagement Session | Angie + Dave

    Hampton Engagement Session This Hampton Engagement Session brings all the joys. Sometimes love is right around the corner and you never realize it. It could be right in front of your eyes but sometimes we miss it. While working in the same building, an seeing each other around, Angie and Dave never spoke. Perhaps a little “Good morning nod” was exchanged but I don’t think they can’t even recall that. Then, Match.com comes to the rescue, and Angie saw Dave’s profile. A simple, “I know you” is what it took for this opportunity to become reality. She knew OF him, and his accent, but not him personally. After a week…

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    Norfolk Neon District Engagement Session | Chastity + Antoine

    Norfolk Neon District Engagement Session Chastity + Antoine This Norfolk Neon District Engagement Session had me go full Urban and I am so in love with it! When my couples pick the right place, they are relaxed and they rock it. Chastity and Antoine decided on Norfolk Neon District  for their engagement photos. We walked around a couple blocks of the Neon District area with the idea of finishing around the Padoga Garden for some sunset and nighttime portraits, which of course I love to do. Their story They met four years ago and Antoine knew what he liked! Of course, Chastity couldn’t resist the self proclaimed beauty-god and finally caved in…