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    Munden Point Park Engagement | Kaitlyn and Joe

    Munden Point Park Engagement Kaitlyn and Joe   This Munden Point Park Engagement is all about Microbiology and what a romantic subject is. Love is everywhere, just like microbiology! Ok, I am kidding. It is about Kaitlyn and Joe who met in Microbiology class. They study buddy together and after that first test, they had their first date. You can say that love is “bios”. Yes, I may indeed pun my way into this blog post and I have no shame. By the way, “bios” means life. *Insert smart smile here* Since then, they’ve watched the sunset on a Washington DC rooftop, have been each other’s career and life supporters and…

  • Pagoda Norfolk Engagement Session
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    Pagoda Norfolk Engagement | Katie and Chris

    Pagoda Norfolk Engagement Katie and Chris Katie and Chris are getting married! They were the winners of my Engagement Session Giveaway and I am so happy they won! They are naturals in front of each other and the camera. We did the Pagoda during one of the crazies times of the year in Norfolk. Do you know that little festival they do called Harborfest? Yep, we are brave like that. Fortunately, it wasn’t that crazy in our area and I got to create a lovely Harbofest image my way. There is a lot of smooching coming, so brave yourselves.  Can I say the main image is one of my favorites from…

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    Summer Virginia Aquarium Wedding | Andrew and Krister

    Summer Virginia Aquarium Wedding Andrew and Krister This Summer Virginia Aquarium Wedding will make you smile from ear to ear. I cannot believe I did not blog this wedding on July of last year. I know it was a crazy year but this is one of my favorite weddings from 2017, so I don’t know what in the world happened there. Thankfully, to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of Andrew and Krister, I present you their blog! Late but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. Andrew and Krister are seriously amazing people. They are borderline geniuses, if not certified. I didn’t ask for a government seal of genius but I…