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Ghent Engagement Session | Kaylee & BJ

This Ghent Engagement session, like others in Downtown, is one of my favorites! I love Downtown Norfolk because my couples and I get to walk the area, talk and joke around, all while getting the right variety of photos.

As it is good to start my couples with some basic instructions and see what they do with those, the more area to discover, the better. This gives you time to get lose and enjoy yourself. Besides, I don’t want to tell my couples who to be! I’d like them to be themselves and see themselves throughout the gallery.

Now, a Ghent Engagement Session comes with beautiful trees in the neighborhood, great old-time cobblestone streets, little hideouts of quietness, and even a water backdrop. Even when I’ve been shooting there often in my seven years in business, there is always some new spot to discover and try out.

Kaylee & BJ:

Kaylee and BJ are so awesome in every single way. They are both humble and genuine to one another and others. This is in addition to being both highly respected health care professionals. They were game to stroll around and go where my crazy eyes wanted to stop. I absolutely love couples who can laugh with each other and at the same time enjoy a quiet romance. Kaylee and BJ are exactly that which gives me such enthusiasm for their 2021 wedding!

I was super excited when Kaylee & BJ said they had a hidden rooftop spot! As you know, sunsets and I are best friends, so I knew there was plenty of potential photos. They wanted to sip some wine and watch the sunset together and I cannot tell you, this did not disappoint. I always encourage my lovely couples to make their engagement session their own and this was definitely a very Kaylee and BJ thing to do.

Trying new things:

I’ve been meaning to do more double exposure work. This means and with their lay-back personality, I would have been very silly to not try it, even if I failed miserably. Well, with a chance to try it out, I think we nailed it!

Check out featured photo to see how it turned out.

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