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Hampton Engagement Session | Angie + Dave

Hampton Engagement Session

This Hampton Engagement Session brings all the joys. Sometimes love is right around the corner and you never realize it. It could be right in front of your eyes but sometimes we miss it.

While working in the same building, an seeing each other around, Angie and Dave never spoke. Perhaps a little “Good morning nod” was exchanged but I don’t think they can’t even recall that. Then, comes to the rescue, and Angie saw Dave’s profile. A simple, “I know you” is what it took for this opportunity to become reality. She knew OF him, and his accent, but not him personally. After a week of messages, Dave invited her to dinner. He chose a lovely seafood place, unknowing that Angie does not like seafood. But when is meant to be, it’s meant to be specially if the seafood restaurant serves pork chop too.

At exactly the one-year dating anniversary, Dave knew what he wanted and while vacationing in the Caribbeans he planned the perfect proposal day. You know, the day full of wonderful adventures that finishes in a one knee question during sunset  while birdies sing in the background. Well, none of that turned out. It was even better. Under the moonlight, while laying on beach chairs, Dave went for it. Of course, she said yes!

Angie + Dave

I will tell you Angie and Dave are just meant to be. Their chemistry, their togetherness and their laughter made this session one I truly treasure. They’ve learn life, commitment, and sacrifices which I witnessed and photographed. Dave is like a little kid in love while Angie reciprocates such love ten-fold.  I am so lucky to see them get married and have their awesome party this August at one of my favorites, the Oceanaire Resort. 

I can’t wait so stay tuned for those!