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    Norfolk Homecoming | Scarlett & Dino

    2014 Ok, I like cold but this was outrageous! There were donuts, there was coffee but still not enough! Documenting my first homecoming was a delight though. ¬†As I witness something I had witnessed as a Navy Wife many times over, it felt new. This time it was different, I was behind the lens and going through the roller coaster of emotions. You are excited, nervous, cold or tired. All of that is gone when you spot your love on the boat (or ship depending on who you are asking!). Dino had forgotten I was there to document it as he sneaked behind everybody to surprise Scarlett. I was able…

  • Holiday Inn North Beach Wedding
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    A Holiday Inn North Beach Wedding | Graziela + Jonathan

    Holiday Inn North Beach Wedding 2014 A Ceremony to remember at this Holiday Inn North Beach Wedding. Graziela & Jonathan’s ceremony is one of those ceremonies you cry, laugh and get to know the couple in their new journey. They had traditions meaningful to them and prepared the day around the joy and love for each other. Their first dance was superb as they danced to More than a Woman by Bee Gees… really! They made their day about their families, who some traveled from as far as Brazil, to their closest friends. Their goal was to dance the night away and so they did. I loved documenting their day.…

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    Hannah + Daniel: Olde Town Portsmouth Engagement

    2014 Hannah & Daniel are super fun. They enjoy laughing and just being goofy. They have a long-distance relationship for now so Hannah came this weekend to see her love and surprise him with an engagement session. Now, most men would be all “I don’t want to do this!” but Daniel was all for it. With the light almost gone we decided to try some night shots. I loved the last image in this set. It is romantic and true. It shows exactly how dark it was and how bright that sunset was. I took a couple without the cars coming but I always think a city image is not…