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Stormy Fort Monroe Engagement | Stephenie & Rob

Fort Monroe Silhouette

Fort Monroe Engagement Session

Who wants to have a stormy Fort Monroe Engagement Session? Well, when you have, you have to!

I am so blessed with the couples who pick me as their photographer. Some I get to experience their journey to the aisle from the beginning, while others I get to photograph only parts of their journey. No couple is less than the other as both types give me the experience to feel creative and alive.

Stephanie and Rob wanted to celebrate their future out of state wedding with a stormy Fort Monroe Engagement Session. I was honored! But worried. The forecast was not promising and we already had rescheduled once before. Since they are super busy, it was not or never! So off we went. The weather held until a little a bit after sunset when thunder and the most incredible sky showed up. Of course, being that we are rebels without a cause, we stayed a little after sunset to shoot at the Fort Monroe beach. There were a couple of times where all the sky lights up with lighting.

Due to the crazy weather, we spent only a small amount of time together. However, oh what a time! We survived the lighting and the rain and still got some awesome couple’s portraits, with some being favorites from 2019!


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