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Norfolk Waterside Engagement Session | Michelle & Keith

Waterside Engagement Session

Michelle & Keith


Michelle & Keith are getting married!  I can tell you they are indeed two sweet souls. They’ve found in each other an enduring love. One with support and understanding. Keith is a true gentleman as he caters to Michelle and she reciprocates with love and smiles. 

I love to hear how my couples meet, so of course, I always ask. I will shortly tell you their story, one that reminds you that when someone is for you, well, they’ll answer your message. 

How they met

One fateful day, Keith was scrolling through his friend list online and eventually stumbled on Michelle’s beauty. He took a chance and messaged her. To Keith’s surprise, Michelle replied his message! Within a month, they had their first date.

When you have two shy people, who sneak out of the house to meet each other for the first time, it can get exciting and intimidating. However, within half an hour Michelle and Keith were having fun. They went to the movies and to the park, to of course freeze their butts off because of the weather. Who cares, especially when you know she/he is the one! 

The proposal

Seven years they’ve made each other smile. Seven years of love and trust. After a couple of months of Keith planning his darn best to have the best weekend ever to propose, and have every thing go wrong,  on July 8th of last year he made it all possible. 

He took Michelle and their parents to a lovely dinner at Varia in Norfolk. With both sets of parents behind Michelle, Keith popped the question! I won’t lie; I wish I’ve been there to document it all because I can only imagine Michelle’s reaction as she said, “yes”!

The day is almost here and they will be getting married at Chesapeake Golf Club -which by the way I am a preferred vendor- at the end of this year! I can’t wait to document this “seven years in the making” day. I’ll keep you posted on their awesome wedding!