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    Rudee Inlet Engagement | Ingrid & Juan

      Rudee Inlet Engagement Session Ingrid & Juan This Rudee Inlet Engagement was out of the norm. There were guinea pigs and if you know me, you’ll know I love guinea pigs! I was so excited when Ingrid mentioned wanting to integrate these two adorable Cavia porcellus. They were so good! Even with the moody weather. When we arrived to Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, it was hot. That is, extremely hot. Then, all of the sudden,  a cold wind came out of nowhere freezing us all. It stayed like that for quite some time during Ingrid and Juan’s engagement session, but you wouldn’t know because they rocked it.  Ingrid and Juan…

  • Downtown Norfolk Freemason Engagement Session by Daissy Torres Photography

    Norfolk Freemason Engagement | Cassandra and Seth

    Norfolk Freemason Engagement Cassandra and Seth   Cassandra and Seth decided to have their Norfolk Freemason Engagement close their Ghent home, and I couldn’t have been more happier! The cobblestone streets in Downtown Norfolk are one of my favorites to photograph. You always find little spots of greatness in between the beautiful architecture. As a couple who loves to ride bikes and walk their cutest puppy, Rudy, around Ghent, it just made sense. Cassandra and Seth met in 2015 thanks to Tinder and after a nice first date at No Frill Bar & Grill in Ghent they hit it off. By the end of last year, Seth made if official by taking…