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    Wedding Tips: Avoiding Family Formals Disasters

    Avoiding Family Formals Disasters Wedding Tips Family Formals portraits will be one of the most important puzzle pieces you’ll have to make sure fits perfectly on your wedding day. There are plenty of ways to schedule them and plenty of ways for them to become a true disaster. This is one of the reasons when choosing your wedding photographer, you need to pick one who is experienced and understand how to make this flow the most efficient way. In five years I’ve perfected how I prepare my couples for this moment. The wedding day is a hectic day, full of guests wanting to congratulate you, hunger (yes, hunger) and a…

  • Pleasure House Point Anniversary Photography
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    Pleasure House Point Anniversary Session | Kelly and Bryan

    Pleasure House Point Anniversary Session Kelly and Bryan I am in love with this Pleasure House Point Anniversary Session! First, Kelly and Bryan did not win my Engagement/Anniversary Giveaway, but they certainly won my heart with their story of resilience and love above all. Their story: Bryan and the Kelly met online at the most unlikely of times. Finding love had to be the last thing on the Bryan’s mind at a time he was about to be deployed.  Just two weeks before his deployment, he met the lady that would come to mean the world to him. As you would have guessed, countless emails were exchanged during this time…

  • Fun Oceanaire Resort Wedding
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    Fun Oceanaire Resort Wedding | Heather and Ryan

    Super Fun Oceanaire Resort Wedding Heather and Ryan     There is no dull wedding at the Oceanaire. In fact, every single wedding has being a fun Oceanaire Resort Wedding. Take it, it could be that I get to photograph their most fun couples. When I think about my ideal couple, I think about couples like Heather and Ryan. They are fun, magnets for each other, loving people who love their tribe, prepared and ready to have the time of their lives on their wedding day. When I ask a couple how they’d describe themselves and they reply “a hot mess”, I know I found my couple. It is said…

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    Norfolk Waterside Engagement Session | Michelle & Keith

    Waterside Engagement Session Michelle & Keith   Michelle & Keith are getting married!  I can tell you they are indeed two sweet souls. They’ve found in each other an enduring love. One with support and understanding. Keith is a true gentleman as he caters to Michelle and she reciprocates with love and smiles.  I love to hear how my couples meet, so of course, I always ask. I will shortly tell you their story, one that reminds you that when someone is for you, well, they’ll answer your message.  How they met One fateful day, Keith was scrolling through his friend list online and eventually stumbled on Michelle’s beauty. He took…