Christian and Kathy – A Delta Marriott Wedding

When the rain can’t fight you…

I finally made it to the Delta Marriott! When you have a bride, who has been dreaming about a beach wedding and it rains on her wedding, you could expect for things to get chaotic. You know, the usual hair pulling and screaming.

Yet, on this day, while the rain showed up and Kathy and Christian had to make tough decisions, I noticed instead of chaos, a beautiful display of relationship teamwork.

They decided to get married rain or shine on the beach, which I was all for it.  It is a testament of how much they have endured in their relationship and how by this time, they know how to support, care, and make decisions together.

When you are the second sibling out of SIX, you get to learn sense of humor, love, teamwork, and deep bonding. It is no surprise how Christian has grown to be such a caring and accomplished person. In time, he met his match. Kathy is active, social and with the biggest heart. This woman can play dodgeball, softball, wiffleball, flag football, and kickball and runs half-marathons. Yes, I envy her energy!

I am so deeply happy that they found each other, and we can thank the Internet for it. They met online, texted often and then Christian postponed meeting face to face TWO times! Yes, Kathy is a patient and loving soul, and she understood the NAVY life. They share so many passions, from sports to the sea, arts, and music, there is no way that this was not going to work!

And here we are, finally! After being apart often and working through the hiccups of life, their family and friends saw them say “I do”, in the most beautiful weather with the most beautiful background.

Enjoy their day!


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