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Summer Virginia Aquarium Wedding | Andrew and Krister

Summer Virginia Aquarium Wedding

Andrew and Krister

This Summer Virginia Aquarium Wedding will make you smile from ear to ear. I cannot believe I did not blog this wedding on July of last year. I know it was a crazy year but this is one of my favorite weddings from 2017, so I don’t know what in the world happened there. Thankfully, to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of Andrew and Krister, I present you their blog! Late but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good.

Andrew and Krister are seriously amazing people. They are borderline geniuses, if not certified. I didn’t ask for a government seal of genius but I am pretty sure they are. Two intelligent men, never mind super handsome, who have build their careers and love for one another by being lovely human beings to every one else. Their relationship, which has been build on trust and communication, has flourished into a model relationship to their families. Even to those who were not so sure about it.

When I met them, I was so nervous! They are such a genuine couple. I really, and I mean really, wanted to document their love. We met over Skype, since they live in California, and I was sure they were my ideal couple. I may have, or not, cheered inside when they said they’d love for me to photograph their union.

How they met:

College!! Now, I will tell you that Krister is the hero in this story. haha Sorry, Andrew. He stuck to Andrew’s breaking up with him for no reason whatsoever and even moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast just to be with his Love. If that doesn’t tell you he is/was extremely serious about their future, I don’t know what will. Now, Andrew did flew just to be with Krister after Krister’s surgery, so I think they both have done their major best to show they can lean on each other.

Why did they choose the Aquarium?

Because according to Andrew, Krister is a fish. No more explanation needed.


Enjoy some of my favorites from their wedding at the Virginia Aquarium. 

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