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Meegan + David | Old Towne Portsmouth

 Old Towne Portsmouth

Meegan + David


I’ve been wanting to shoot at Old Towne Portsmouth for a long time and I was so happy when Meegan and David chose that location for their Newlywed’s session.  I got lost getting there from Chesapeake, realized all of a sudden that I needed  Toll money so I  drove back to Downtown Norfolk to get cash. I had to skip lunch because of it but was ready to pay the toll when I realized that it hasn’t started yet arriving 10 minutes late to our session. Yet, they were so cool about it and laughed at my silly story.

Now, you did notice I said Newlyweds right? We can all see it with all the kissing going on! These two lovebirds are either kissing or laughing. I don’t think they paid much attention to me at all. They threw snow at each other, danced, and David even showed what his shoes can do. I have proof.

This session screamed “vertical” to me and you will see a lot of vertical shots in it. I just loved how it worked with the landscape.

They are a great couple and I wish them a lot of years of love and kisses.  Thank you guys for such a great time!