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MaKella + Josh | Downtown Norfolk Engagement Photographer

Downtown Norfolk Engagement

MaKella + Josh


Beautiful background? Check. Beautiful people? Double Check.

So far I have not photographed not even one “unbeautiful” person (It is a word even when my spellchecker says otherwise!). Every one of my clients, friends, and people I have come in contact with this business is easy on the eyes. Like I’ve said before, I am a magnet for beauty.

MaKella and Josh are no different.  I don’t know if it’s the happiness within them, their choice of attire (which rocks by the way) or that good genes run in the family, but they photograph amazingly! They are also super sweet and funny and compliment each other with their personality. You can check out Josh’s picked ring here too, which rocks and it is gorgeous. I can testify that he is very proud of it.

I left the session with a happy face in my heart. Not because they are beautiful and I got great images but because I felt I just witnessed the start of a blessed journey.

MaKella and Josh: Congratulations! May you have a lifetime together!