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Yay! The Best of 2019 is here!

Here’s to another one of those “What a year has been!”, “What amazing blessings!”, etc. Do you get tired of those? well, I do not. If you rather sneak on the pictures instead, scroll down for awesomeness.

The Journey

2019 seemed so strange! At the beginning of the year and as I was planning all those dreaded business goals, I wasn’t sure I’d meet any of those goals. I was down in booking and my social media presence sucked. The year went by so fast and all with incredible people and beautiful stories. With a total of 51 jobs, 20 of those weddings, I consider myself sprung to life!

Yet, I close the year with so much to work to do. I still suck on my social media presence and blogging has been put in the back burner as I concentrated on what is truly important to me as a wedding photographer. That is to give my couples the experience they deserve.

2020 Goals

Every year, I set those high goals which seem a little difficult to attain. This year is the most crucial as I reach my seventh year in business as a wedding photographer. It is not easy. The predictions state that most photography business die by the seven-year mark. I am certain that all those who “failed” had still so much to learn, give and receive that it makes me sad (and to be honest weary) that my seventh year is here. However, that indeed means I have to work harder, more efficient and show the “statistic” that I can still kick butt.

Therefore, my goals are set high. I want to say at the end of the year that I’ve achieved all I was hoping for.


My biggest goal for 2020 us to meet new and wonderful couples.

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Confession: Apparently, I never did Best of 2018. To my defense, that was an insane year.

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