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Shifting Sands Beach Wedding | Claire and Neil

Shifting Sands Beach Wedding

Claire and Neil

Oh, this Shifting Sands Beach wedding comes with a story. Let’s start by saying that there is love and then there is love at first baby bump and I don’t mean my couple!

Claire and Neil met during a mutual friend’s baby shower. You know, your usual “Find your soul mate” kind of event. After the shower, they spent 8 hours talking and walking on the beach. It was mean to be.

I happen to know Claire because she was the Best maid of my 2014 Bride, Kayla, who today in 2018 is part of Claire’s tribe. I am surrounded by incredible people who support and love one another and it is a pleasure when I get witness it all.

Claire and Neil are funny, good silly and a lot of fun. They love good food, good friends and of course each other’s company. It has been a beautiful journey to see Claire become the bride and be fierce one at that!

Oh and you see that beautiful arch? Made by her dad. It cannot get better than that.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their day.