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Shifting Sands Wedding | Adrian and Alex

Shifting Sands Wedding

Adrian and Alex

This Shifting Sands Wedding was full of all moments I hold dear. Love, family and a big party! Adrian and Alex met years ago while attending Church. During the ceremony, Pastor Urbanski mentioned how it made all sense that they fell in love. I couldn’t agree more. Alex’s genius blends perfectly with Adrian’s. They love to laugh and have fun with those they love. The way Alex looks at Adrian, says a thousand words along with his smile. On their first date, they went to  Mt. Nittany to hike; four years later they got engaged on the same mountain. 

Their weekend celebration was perfectly aligned with the Solar Eclipse to happen on Monday. Their University mascot interrupted their first dance, and at the same time gave me one of my favorite first dance images ever, and tried to “win over” Adrian but the crowd stuck with Alex and he won. Then they partied all night and when I say “partied”, I mean it!

I’ve been so blessed with the couples who have chosen me this year. Every single one of them have been what I hope to surround myself. Good people with good family and friends celebrating the start of their legacy. 

Adrian and Alex,

May today and always you find on each other’s arms for strength and growth within your relationship. It has been a pleasure to witness your new life chapter and I wish you the best!