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One Fish Two Fish Wedding | Matthew and Andrew

One Fish Two Fish Wedding

Matthew and Andrew

I absolutely love One Fish Two Fish Weddings. The space is perfect for intimate celebrations. Matthew and Andrew’s wedding was just that.  A small in size but big celebration of love and finding that person who makes you happy. A person who you can feel like yourself again. They met thanks to online dating, quickly hit it off and with long conversations realized they were perfect for each other. 

I often ask my couples to tell me about themselves during the wedding planning via a wedding questionnaire. However, I do not read it until after the wedding and when I am ready to make a blog post. I enjoy seeing how much of what they think of themselves I’ve captured and noticed during the wedding day. I found it interesting how Matthew’s description of their love, their journey together and their personalities was exactly what I experienced.

Matthew is a joyful soul indeed. His candid, honest and often hilarious expressions and opinions makes him a great partner. Andrew’s sense of nurturing makes you feel like you are important, no matter the chaos around you. They both laugh and love deeply, so much that walking down the aisle laughing and enjoying it all was expected. They are busy professionals but you would never know that most of the decorations, except the cake, was DIY. No one would notice it was planned in 8 weeks! After 3 years together and a lot of love, it was finally here and they made it a great celebration. 

I am so thankful this year I’ve been able to meet couples like Matthew and Andrew. It has been a true pleasure!

Please enjoy some of my favorites from the day.