Your Hampton Roads Wedding and COVID-19

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Your Wedding and Covid-19

So you planned it all and it was set to go and then all of the sudden, it STOP. Your Hampton Roads wedding and COVID-19 are now suppose to be friends and get along. All the wedding planning is on hold, you feel like you are in limbo and now your wedding seems so far away.


We are currently experiencing something like never before. For all those couples affected by the increasing worry and uncertainty of covid-19, here are some tips on how to navigate this new reality.

Should you postpone your wedding?

Nobody, except the law, can tell you to cancel it but you should really consider the consequences of going againts the recommendations from your family, friends and vendors. 

In these times you may find you have to reschedule your wedding anyways do to travel restrictions, autoimmune compromise family circle, your venue being closed or by the law of your state. 

Because this is a possibility while you are planing. I’ve compiled some tips and things to think about as you brave the wedding hiccups.

What should you do if you do have to reschedule your wedding?

First of all, contact your vendors. 

I know many will tell you to talk to your family and friends friends but in reality your vendors will craft your wedding and you need to know where they stand. Are they available on your new date? Will they have any rescheduling or cancelling fees? Can they still work with you in the future? Knowing these in advance can help you make the right decision and continue planning.

Next, is to pick a date (or two or three) and email all your vendors and close family with it. Ask for availability and give everyone a heads up.

Once you know your new date and it is finalized with your venue, contact your guests! I do not recommend that you leave your new date up in the air. You should know the date in advanced before cancelling and rescheduling. This can leave you with vendors who are no longer available even when you “Saw them first”.  

What about if you are planning a late 2020 or 2021 wedding?

As you prepare to plan the wedding of your dreams, you may experience some hiccups thanks to COVID-19. My hope if that knowing what these are, you may be prepared before they arise. Late 2020 and 2021 is going to be super popular. Imagine all those weddings that are getting reschedule taking those available dates!

What kind of hiccups could you encounter?

From Venue closings to vendors no longer in business, you may find yourself in need of some out of the box thinking. 

2020 is going to be a very hard year to the wedding industry and some venues may not survive being closed for such an extended amount of time so If you’ve been looking at a place, reach out to them and book them NOW!  

Just like a lot of 2020 couples, vendors have lost an extraordinary amount of money during this ordeal. As many of them are trying their best to stay in business, they may have to increase their prices for 2021. If you are interested already in a vendor, make sure to book them before their new pricing starts. 

What do I recommend?

You may need a couple of dream vendors from the same category in case your first choice is not available.

Top 3 vendors from each category will help you make fast decisions according to availability and price.

Meet via Zoom/FaceTime/Skype and do whatever it takes to get to know your vendors, know their prices and start the booking process because many will have little availability in the next year since they had to move so many couples to new dates. 

2021 will be a very busy year and you want to be in it! 

Popular venues like the Lesner Inn, Norfolk Botanical Garden and such will have their dates full before you know it, so make sure to have your tour and make your decisions as soon as possible. 

You know what will be awesome?

Nobody wants to make these decisions.

I know it feels like a nightmare, not only for you but for your family and your vendors who have invested so much time, love and resources into crafting your beautiful day.

The Wedding industry is hanging in there. We are here for you and going through these times with you.


The wedding industry is here to offer a hand and help you navigate your planning.

We are:

  • Photographers
  • Venues
  • Videographers
  • Wedding Coordinators
  • Designers
  • Florists
  • Cake Artists
  • Officiants
  • Caterers
  • Bridal & Grooms’ shops
  • Hair and Makeup artists
  • Event rentals specialists
  • Jewelers
  • Decorators
  • Gifts Designers
  • Lighting Specialists
  • Photo Booth services
  • Entertainers
  • travel agents
  • Transportation
  • Your local small business community

We are all here for you!

Come on and get to know us!

Let us help you have a fabulous 2020 & 2021 wedding!

Do you need help?

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