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Shifting Sands Wedding | Kathryn & Michael

Kathryn & Michael’s Shifting Sands Wedding

Hot does not begin to describe Kathryn & Michael’s Shifting Sands wedding.

You know, one of those 95 degree Hampton Roads weather, were you feel like dying and unless you are submerged in the ocean you should stay home with A/C. Well, it was one of those days; of course much preferred to the Hampton Roads “I’ve decided is going to rain and drop a tornado because I feel like it” kind of weather. 

Funny enough, today in Hampton Roads is 100 degrees… You know, because, why not.

My love for Kathryn & Michael is way up there. Since the moment I met them both, their personalities shined so brightly that I rooted for them before even booking their wedding. My love for them had nothing to do with all the cupcakes they bought me during our wedding consults and engagement session… really! It is only because I believe in these two and their beautiful relationship.

Michael is a vibrant, funny and great guy that compliments Kathryn’s physical and inner beauty. Her soul is pure, sweet and kind. As I watch them laugh and enjoy each other, since the moment we met, I’ve truly enjoyed witnessing their journey. 


Their Wedding

They got married at Shifting Sands on the beach. Their personalized vows were nothing less than I expected, witty and truthful, full of love and commitment. It was at this time that everything fell into place, nobody cared about how darn hot it was and every single guest, even the beach goers, stopped and appreciated their perfect love combination.

Kathryn and Michael’s romantic and classic reception feel was one I totally loved. Their big selection of cupcakes, which I was promised and took a good dozen home, were deliciously made by The Sugar Plum Bakery. The full day was filled with everything I expected and more and I cannot wait to see what life has for these two perfectly together people!


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