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Hilton Oceanfront Wedding | Johana and Andrew

Hilton Oceanfront Wedding

Johana and Andrew

Prepare your soul for this Hilton Oceanfront Wedding.

Some take awhile to find their soul mate, while others feel like they’ll will never find one. We shape our careers, our lives and our friendships without a person to experience it all. Some continue on looking while others, tired of the silliness of dating and love, give up. Johana and Andrew stopped looking but it took rain to bring them together. It is interested how it rained on their wedding day too. It didn’t rain a little, it rained like Hurricane Florence was coming, even when it was the weekend before its arrival. Due to the rain, we moved our beach ceremony inside, and with the background of rain and crazy wind, Johana and Andrew said, “I do”. 

How it all began…

Last year, Johana went to Cape Cod to see the whales with her uncle as her companion. The excitement end up being washed out due to rain and wind. Instead of going back home, she stayed and try for the next available trip which it was Monday. There, with a beautiful weather, she boarded a boat that would take her to see the ocean and ultimately meet her soul mate, Andrew. Andrew, a lover of traveling and new experiences, decided out of the blue to see the whales that morning while on a business trip. Now, mind you, Andrew doesn’t live in the West. He is from Ireland!

While boarding the boat he spotted and fell hard for his intriguing lady. As they boarded and chatted and Andrew got the big news that Johana’s companion was his uncle, his heart filled with hope and four hours later he was still mesmerized by her. Their four hour trip took them to see the whales and to get to know each other more. 

With a goodbye hug, they went their separate ways but exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. However, there was no wait time for Andrew! That same night they texted each other wishing to see each other once again. To Andrew that was the movie climax waiting to happen as he drove all night just to see Johana again. Yes, all night. He didn’t sleep, maybe ate and stopped for gas, but kept on to see his one true love. Now, I can’t remember how long he drove but if my memory serves me right, from Cape Cod to Washing DC can be quite the long haul. 

Through the distance they texted each other and Snapchat’d (we thank you Snapchat) until the week before the wedding. Then, this magical night happened!

Their day

Now, my vendor friends and I have met many couples, but none like Johana and Andrew. As people whose life was shaped and lived mostly, seeing them so in love was new life for us. I cannot tell you the thrill I felt as I heard her tell me their love story during the wedding consultation. Then, of course I made her tell it to Elizabeth, her makeup and hair artist, from Darling and Dapper again and it felt just like the first time. I don’t think there is enough synomns to express “delight”. 

Johana and Andrew are sweet and loving with one another. Their love sucks you in and makes you live it in the most wonderful way. I feel so honored to have met them and be part of their movie. Which by the way, if it gets made, I’d like someone with the physical characteristic of J-Lo and the acting talent of my beloved Helena Bonham Carter, who is absolutely gorgeous in her own right but can’t pass for Puerto Rican. 

And now I leave you to these because there is no words to express how much I loved their day!

Wonderful Team: