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The Culpepper Barn Wedding | Courtney and Kendall

The Culpepper Barn Wedding

Courtney and Kendall


The Culpepper Barn is a beautiful place to get married!

What can you expect in a marriage when Michael Jackson is present thanks to the officiant (seriously, she even sang some of his songs), you have Martha Stewart as a ring bearer (the Saint Bernard) and your tribe parties harder than you showing you they have your back? Pure awesomeness.

Courtney and Kendall’s four year journey have taught them that no matter how much remodeling, messes, DIY projects together, late night disagreements and dogs they adopt, they are in this for the long haul. As athletes, they met during a Rugby tournament, and of course their Rugby family was there. I must say I have never seen so much physical strength and stamina in one room! Even after Courtney and Kendall had their grand exit, some of them went back for more dancing. This truly convinced me, I have to lay off the chocolate and go back to the gym.

When asked about their vision, Their primary goal was for people to eat, drink and dance and celebrate their love and union together. I can tell you, they accomplished this and so much more!



Love Note:

Courtney and Kendall,

Thank you for allowing me to meet you, get to know you and see, just like all those who love you, how perfect you are for one another. Cheers!