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Lesner Inn Wedding, Virginia Beach | Yebin and Sung

Lesner Inn Wedding, Virginia Beach

Yebin and Sung

This Lesner Inn Wedding in Virginia Beach had me! I know a wedding touched my heart when I go to edit them days later and still feel the same connection and the same teary eyes as the moment I documented it. Yebin and Sung are a delight! It’s been the year of diversity in my business and I love it! 

How they met:

Yebin and Sung met one of those nights in 2012 when Korean Karaoke sounded like a good idea. Korean boy met Korean girl while signing to each other! They texted each other throughout the week, being that Sung lived an hour away, and one night Yebin joked how she needed a pick me up and wished Starbucks delivered. Hold and behold, Sung appeared with the perfect Starbucks gift after driving an hour to see her. By the 3rd time they’ve seeing each other Sung knew what he wanted and asked her out. They went straight into a long distance relationship and after 3 long months, they have been together ever since. 

I love these two! Yebin is my kindred spirit. She loves food, loves sarcasm, and have a deep long-lasting relationship with her comfy bed. Sung is the sweetest gentleman and funny. His love brings so much out of Yebin and it’s beautiful to watch. 

My Letter:

Yebin and Sung, 

Thank you for allowing me to witness the love and respect you have for your parents and each other. I am so thankful and blessed for you wanting ME to document it all.  As you celebrate this time in your life, I wish you a lot of food, a lot of singing and a lot of love. 



Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!

Side Note: Their Ceremony was in Korean and I still could understand “You may kiss the bride”! Wohooo!



Venue: Lesner Inn

Bride’s Dress: Privée Bride of Ghent

Jewelry: Necklace from a little South Korea Store

Hair and Makeup: Michelle Sok

Cake: Sugar Plum Bakery

Gifts/Favors: Bride’s DIY

Florist: Norfolk Wholesale Florist

Officiant: Bride’s Uncle