Virginia Aquarium Wedding - Bride and Groom pose on the Mirrors Tunnel
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Virginia Aquarium Wedding | Jaime and Nathan | Twinkle and String Lights

Virginia Aquarium Wedding - Shark tank
Aquarium Awesomeness

An Virginia Aquarium Wedding? Yes! and it was a blast. Coincidentally this year, Jaime and Nathan’s wedding at the Virginia Aquarium is my last one of the season too AND a total blast!

Jaime wore her hair like a 50s angel. She looked absolutely stunning! Her dress classy and fitting, was perfect for her.

Nathan, on the other hand, couldn’t stop smiling, or shed a tear, at her beauty during the moment of finally saying the big “I do”. I just love these two! They are fun and full of laughter and love.

The Aquarium’s Promenade ceremony room  is a lovely place to get married at but Jaime and Nathan made it a dream by hanging string lights around. It brought a delicate romance decor. The flowers were carefully placed by the windows and on the tables. String lights are the perfect way to decorate any space, it gives it a festive and romantic feel.

When I photograph at the same venue more than once, I try to push myself a little more. I’ve had a vision I wanted to make happen and I am so glad Jaime and Nathan allowed me the opportunity to create it for them.

Jaime and Nathan: May every day be as romantic and full of joy as the day you said “I do”. Here’s to adventures!~


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