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Sunflowers and Navy Blue Lesner Inn Wedding | Amy & Fran

A Lesner Inn Wedding

Navy Blue and Sunflowers Perfection


This Lesner Inn Wedding was perfected by sunflowers, Marine’s Uniforms, and wedding cake smash.

I could tell you the many accomplishments of Amy and Fran. Each on their own are strong, driven and energetic. Together, they are loving, fun and contagious people to be around. They met online and by the second date, they were having long conversations with Fran’s mother, made an instant connection with a bartender and impressed “three little old ladies” who were rooting for them to make it.

Fran’s gift to turn anything into a fun time and Amy’s ability to grasp the moment, enjoy it, and love it showed me how perfectly in-sync they truly are.

During the wedding planning, Fran made sure to let me know I must above all capture “his pretty face” so I’ll let you be the judge of I did so.

Amy and Fran were troopers. After a great morning of having reception fun, they met me at Pleasure House Point for some after wedding photos. They turned out great even when we unknowingly went to an area with wildflowers, which Amy is allergic to, between sneezes, laughter, and some liquor, they did amazing! I am in love with their after wedding portraits!