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First Look

In reality, a wedding with a great timeline can survive without having a first look. If you are having a Winter Wedding, however, I strongly suggest to have a first look or at least all except two or three images before the ceremony.

The First Look Positives


By having a first look, you will have three compact times for portraits and therefore will receive more images than a couple who does not. You will have portraits during the first look, during cocktail hour, sunset and nighttime. All at a maximum of 50 minutes total; that is a win.

VA Aquarium Wedding First Look


Because you will see each other before the ceremony, you will be able to have most of the family portraits done before the ceremony. Leaving cocktail hour for relaxed couples portraits or even for a quick stop to see your friends in the cocktail room.

VB Aquarium Wedding Photograph


Weddings are fast moments that can flee from your memory but those with a first look, have an actual alone time before the ceremony to admire each other's looks and settle into the biggest moment of their lives.

VB Aquarium Wedding Photographer

Things to Consider

Westin Town Center Wedding First LookBetter yet, Have a Non-First Look!
Share words of love, letters and excitement without seeing each other.


If you were dreaming about walking down the aisle and seeing your love for the first time, a first look is definitely not for you.

It is not true that your Love will not cry their eyes out during the ceremony if the see you before, most couples choose not to have a first look due to tradition.


There is no light after your ceremony to do all family formals, bridal party pictures and your pictures within the 45 minutes of cocktail hour. Unless you are planning on having all your pictures indoors, I strongly recommend a first look.

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